About Us


A simple idea has grown into a global movement.

While traveling in a small village in 2014, Tomekart‘s Founder Abhay Tiwari witnessed the hardships faced by village students (Primary School) who were studying without proper books. There are kids who belong to daily-wage workers’ family who have to spend their days wherever their parents’ jobs take them. Observing the same thing in other places as well, the desire to help such kids took hold of him. He wondered if only their schools could move along with them. His contemplation turned into an idea, and the idea gave him a solution which was simple, yet revolutionary: to create a business that was a win-win for everyone involved, sustainable, and not reliant on donations.

Abhay’s vision soon turned into the simple business idea that provided the powerful foundation for TOMEKART: The idea of One-for-One (Book for Book), a business model that helps a person in need with every book purchased.

One-for-One (Book for Book)

It’s simple: Every time you purchase a book from Tomekart, we donate a book to someone in need, especially to primary school students of underprivileged communities. The donation is made in the name of the buyer, and you become the reason for the smile on a child’s face. (I changed developed and under developed countries to underprivileged communities, because right now I think the focus is on poor kids in India, right?)

The rest of the story is still being written. We invite you to join us on our journey. It’s only going to get better.